Sports and wellness

Are you a regular gym-goer and you want to stick to your good habits even while traveling? We offer you a special discount at Sports and Wellness Center Dabliu Prati: the ideal place where you can stay fit, meet people and get rid of daily stress.

Dabliu sports and wellness

Within easy reach from our hotel, in the heart of the Prati district, you’ll find a fully equipped 1,500 square meters fitness space, with a full roster of classes and free activities, from Cardio and Body building yoga and pilates, from personal training programs to boxe rings.

Dabliu Prati also features a wellness area with Sauna e Hydromassage, and a beauty center where you could enjoy spa and beauty treatments for body and face as tanning shower, massages or mud wraps performed by experienced staff, for complete relaxation.

At your arrival at Vaticano Julia Luxury Rooms, you’ll be offered a coupon that will entitle you to access the center and perform any of the activities for 15 euro.